Do You Want To Speak Portuguese?

Do you want to feel confident that when you speak you're actually saying what you mean?

Do you want the freedom of listening to anyone who speaks to you and understand what they are saying?

Are you one of the brave, beautiful souls who want to break the barrier between what they hear and don't understand,

and what they want to say and don't know how?

Do you want to experience learning Portuguese as an immersion in culture?

You're in the right place.



Sagres Beach. Algarve

What do you need help with?

Explore Portugal

I love Portugal. I already know a little of the language but I want to know so much more about it. I want to learn all of the language, I want to know its History and I want to touch its soul. I want to talk with everyone I meet and understand what I'm told.

I (may) have family/heritage ties to Portugal and I want to find out more about where I come from.

Experience Portugal

I'm moving / I want to move to Portugal. It is a beautiful place with gentle, welcoming people and a million wonders to see and enjoy. I love it already, and I want to learn the language, that I already know a little of, and all else I can about this beautiful corner of the world I've decided to call my own.

Love In Portuguese

My significant other is Portuguese. I want to know all there is to know about their country, their language (that I already know a little of), their culture, and I want to understand this whole new family that is now mine but to whom it's very hard to  speak to and whom I don't understand very well.

About Me

My name is Grace, and my entrepreneurial journey started in 2013, when I started teaching Portuguese online.

Until then, I had been a History teacher in highschools, a translator for over 15 years, and a graphic designer for another 10. 

My country is my passion, and this is what I love doing: showing you Portugal in all its glory.


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