Resources for Portuguese Learners

Here I have listed, for you, all the resources I have found all over the Internet over the years, and that I believe will be helpful for you.

No content here is in any way politically affiliated (especially in the cases of the Newspapers and Radio Links) and I don’t receive any compensation for having them here.

I have found them good resources for learners, and this list will grow, as I am always looking for new stuff.

If you have anything to recommend, please let me know!


Resources - Online Portuguese Newspapers

Resources - Online Radio Links

All online Portuguese radio links


Portuguese Music

General – News in Portuguese and World Music

Virtual Portuguese Keyboard

If you don’t have a Portuguese keyboard, the diacritics, or accents, are going to be a problem.

  • You can add Portuguese as a language (under Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel) to Windows. You’ll get a language bar on your Taskbar that will allow you to switch between languages. But you won’t see where the accents are in your keyboard the way we do.
  • You can buy vinyl keyboard stickers like these and add them to your keyboard. The stickers take a bit of work and care to apply correctly. You can get them in a variety of languages and colours. The stickers do not interfere with typing speed and do not come off at inopportune times.
  • There are virtual keyboards where you can type all the diacritics (accents) and letters you don’t have in your normal keyboard. These keyboards already have them. You choose the one you need, copy it, and paste it wherever you need it: document, graphic, etc. Virtual keyboards are especially useful to those who need to write in another language while using tablet computers with limited and tricky language input options.

Online Portuguese Dictionary

Resources for Conjugations of Verbs

Resources - Other Sites

There are a few sites that have great resources for practicing listening, reading, vocabulary, etc.
Here I’ll post the ones I like.
Please be careful when you take one up that it really is European Portuguese.

  • Practice Portuguese
  • The authors do an excellent job, and it’s even worth it to pay for the Premium service!

  • Learn Portuguese
  • Be careful to open only the links that pertain to European Portuguese.

  • Portuguese Learning Tools
  • A mix of Brazilian and European Portuguese resources. When you open each one, usually the flag helps you sort out in which part of the Atlantic you are.

Resources - Portuguese Music

Fado is the sound and song of the Portuguese soul.
Amália Rodrigues was its greatest singer and promoter, she was the one who let the whole world know there was such a thing called Fado – and the world loved it!

What follows is a selection of my personal favourites, so it’s necessarily biased.
You shouldn’t miss names like Paulo Gonzo, Pedro Abrunhosa, Rui Veloso, Sérgio Godinho… the list goes on forever. Just google it 🙂