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Do you want to learn Portuguese with passion,

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Dear Lover of Portugal

You are here because, for one reason or another, you already love Portugal, and want to know more about it.

You want to learn this language you already know something of (some vocabulary, a couple of verbs, a little grammar), yes, but not until you find a place where you can do that as you learn what it means to be Portuguese, and where you can learn the sound of language, so you can understand it when you hear it and be understood when you speak it.

You want to touch the Portuguese soul and know why it tastes of salt.

You want to feel the beat of the Portuguese heart and understand why it feels Saudade.

You want to know about our History, our Art, our Music, our landscape, our cities and towns and villages, our forests and mountains, our cuisine, our wine, our Poetry, our monuments, our Literature, and the Sea... that pull we all feel, that runs in our blood like a siren's calling... and the Portuguese that all these things speak.

If you take up a program with me I will give you this experience, this cultural immersion and the sound of Portuguese, from Day 1.

Is this You?

Then you should know that learning a language isn't something that you can do easily in isolation. Just like learning to cook, learning how to play an instrument or how to drive a car, learning Portuguese must be an interactive, hands-on, process. To make progress, and have fun in the process, you need to:

  • HAVE SOMEONE to practice with you
  • HAVE SOMEONE to encourage you
  • HAVE SOMEONE to correct your mistakes
  • HAVE SOMEONE to explain why your mistakes are mistakes

This is the other part of what I can do for you.

Want to know HOW?

Just click the button below and join me for a 30 minute FREE Consultation Session on Zoom* where 

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    We will speak about you. And me. We are both people, and we both have stories that lead us here.
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    You'll be introduced to the cultural immersion: what that means and how it works
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    You'll be introduced to the study of Accent. Many people find that, in fact, that's what they wanted all along..
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    You will get a study plan to move forward, regardless of what you may wish to do after the free Consultation Session

*Zoom is a free, small program, that you can download HERE. It's the first download from the top, and you'll need to install it on your computer (just like you did with Skype). If needed, more instructions will follow.

The Consultation Session is completely FREE, no strings attached whatsoever.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Tina Smith

My reading and understanding is improving so that I'm not translating into English to follow the text. Thanks Grace - to be able to read naturally is just great.

Jessica Quezada

Great class. Graça is so easy to learn with!

Alexandra Santaromita

Very engaging, patient and well prepared with loads of materials for easier learning. Highly recommended.

Jessica Davis

I have been learning Portuguese through various tools (audio, video and written) and Graça has been by far the best tool I have invested in! We just went over proper pronunciation and she has clarified it all in just one easy lesson!